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The Dancers - Audry Kalman

  February 21 - March 2, 2008

Reception: Thusrday, February 21, 2008   7 - 10pm

Object D'art 2007

This body of work is a continued study of the exploration of the female figure which was the predominant image in Kalman’s last show ‘Layers.' This new collection can be separated into two components.

The first series embodies a single distorted, rough, almost decomposed figure illuminated by contrasting colours and textures. This figure gradually becomes more abstract and child-like similar to a cut-out paper doll. As Kalman explored her theme, the association to a cut-out paper doll became clear. A close relative from her childhood who was particularly skilled with scissors, would fold a piece of wax paper many times over into a tiny triangle. From there, he would take the scissors out of his suit pocket and masterfully cut into the paper triangle. Within minutes, the sheet of paper was magically transformed. This powerful recollection inspired the second phase of her work, ‘The Dancers.’

In the second series, the canvases and the dancers are connected in an endless pattern, perpetuating her memory. This repetitive imagery resonates with the artist’s greatest influences: her late father’s extensive collection of antique rugs and her own studies in textile design. The artist’s method of adding and peeling away layers, distressing and reworking the canvases several times, revealing previous layers, much as a multi-coloured woven fabric, results in a rich tactile effect. Mingled with her Canadian and Hungarian heritage, these influences reach deeply into her perceptions as an artist.

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