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"Heroine" - Erin Finley

September 6 - 23, 2007

Opening reception: September 13, 2007   7 - 10 pm

Heroine examines the explosive romance of star-cross'd lovers Nadia Nefariously and Lou Reed, as told in paintings on satin and spandex.

Through magic-realist symbols, a theatre chorus, and even a cameo appearance by Warhol, the narrative arc of this series traces the strange and fateful meeting of the lovers through to their tale's watery, tragic end. Two volatile creative forces, these anti-heroes helped spawn each other's best and darkest LPs: hers, Cinderacula; his, Berlin. She also inspired Reed's ambivalent masterwork Heroin, which metaphorically relates his brief but tumultuous relationship with Nefariously.

Rendered with various media, these large-scale images communicate the monstrous, sensual, and epic quality of this story through mark-making styles that oscillate between kinetic and careful, violent and tender. The sheen of the various fabrics suggests trash-glamour and celebrity skin.

-Erin Finley
September 2007

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