"Brush Close" - Snaige Sileika

  October 5 - 22, 2006

Snaige Sileika - Artist Statement

"Brush Close" is a suite of small, intimate paintings whose source is the unheralded flora around us. The works are as much about the process of painting as it is about the foliage depicted. Each brushstroke is made apparent and deliberate, providing a contrast to the flat silhouettes of the branches. This suite is created in a manner reminiscent of my long experience with print - coloured paint is rubbed into the textured surface of the painting much like ink is rubbed into the etched surface of a printing plate - bridging the world of painting and that of printmaking. Some areas are buffed clean revealing details, while others are obscured with layers of colour.

These plant forms, often overlooked, are the markers of seasons and of time passing, pointing to the ebb and flow of life itself. Sometimes they are portrayed in full bloom, while others are painted as barren sticks, reminding us of the temporal nature of our existance. Animated brushstokes swirl around these vegetal forms giving them context and hinting at a horizon in the distance. Details are eliminated to give an abbreviation of the natural world. The painting hovers in that realm between recognizable imagery and abstract mark-making engaging the viewer to decipher these images and find renewed meaning in the botanical patterns.

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