"Idiot Sketches" - new paintings by Sholem Krishtalka

  April 20 - May 1

Opening Reception: April 20, 7-10pm

Idiot Sketches is a suite of paintings that muse on the idea that our lives possess a kind of transcendence; it offers a way of looking at and inhabiting our own mundane world so that we are surrounded by the promise of sublimity. At its most polemic, the series is an argument for a kind of aestheticism: that even (or perhaps, especially) at our most mundane, our lives are carriers for (and signifiers of) the grandiose, the operatic, and the sublime.

Sholem Krishtalka is a figurative painter currently living in Toronto, whose overarching artistic interests involve narration, and the intersections between public and private histories. He has spent the last two years completing his M.F.A. at York University. He has been exhibiting in Toronto and Montreal for a number of years now. He has most recently been awarded the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Award.

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