The Bossy Bitches Proudly Present

Mean Mamma

March 9th -19th 2006

Reception Party: Thursday, March 16, 2006
7 - 10 PM

Following last years Sweet Shit show, the Bossy Bitches are back with...

Mean Mamma
New work that explores what is nasty, miserly, plebeian & downright excellent about Mamma.

The Bossy Bitches are:
Nancy Anderson, Estelle Anderson, Myfanwy Ashmore, Erica Carter, Wendy Coburn, Lisa Deanne Smith, Bonnie Devine, Michelle Johnson, Louise Liliefeldt, H. Lan Thao Lam, Sue Lloyd, Allyson Mitchell, Heidi Schaefer, Cheryl Sourkes, Pearl Van Geest, Mary-Anne Wensley, Megan Whiten, Christina Zeidler, Wilma Needham + others

Amongst the works in the exhibition, Pearl Van Geest's painting depicts a woman consuming and consumed by a flower. Mary-Anne Wensley articulates expressions of the body living and dying in contemporary culture. Erica Carter's Mutation is an immersion into a child's environment and how a mother has further bonded herself to her daughter through the lens. Cheryl Sourkes's photographic triptych Green Blue Yellow was made with webcam images. Michelle Johnson wants you to know that universal body substance precautions are advised.
Heidi Schaefer's tank and weapons drawings are mean mammas.
Myfanwy Ashmore's asks symbiosis: is it parasitism or mutualism?
Bonnie Devine sews a canoe out of the Robinson Huron Treaty.
For Wendy Coburn, Time is a mean mamma.

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